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Teamleadsky Online Retrospective Tool
Teamleadsky Online Retrospective Tool provides Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, IT professionals and managers in tech with powerful features for data-driven development of Agile teams.

  • It ensures that opinion of every remote and onsite team member is considered.
  • Supports teams in keeping focus on eliminating persisting issues.
  • Makes progress concrete and measurable.
  • Provides full transparency to the contributors and leadership.

    1. Set the goal

    Discuss with the team members and align on the factors that you all want to be present in the work of the team. That is your developmental goal - the Ideal State of teamwork you want to achieve together.

    The Ideal State is an evolving goal that is inspected and adapted on a mid-term cadence: monthly or quarterly.

    2. Identify the gap

    Assess to which extent the desired positive factors are currently present in the work of your team, and which additional drivers are helping you to get things done. As well identify the issues and their impact.

    Just like setting the goal, assessing the Current State of teamwork is a collaborative effort. It takes place regularly and frequently: weekly or once per Sprint/iteration.

    3. Take action

    Once the gap between the Current and Ideal state of teamwork is identified, align on the improvement plan and act together.

    This process is repeated iteratively, updating Current State frequently and adapting the Ideal State to the changing environment as the team members learn more about their projects, technologies and collaboration.


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