Teamleadsky Framework
Based in Berlin, the number one startup hub in Europe, Teamleadsky benefits from the incredible economic landscape, mature IT ecosystem and thriving Agile community. This city is full of the energy needed to drive a meaningful and mission-driven enterprise, that aims to address the global changes in the work environment of tech teams.

Effective teams are the key building blocks of any successful organization. New remote and flexible ways of working, emerging technologies and the fast pace of changes introduce new challenges in developing highly performing teams. Teamleadsky mission is to provide IT community with a practical contemporary approach and powerful tools for developing Agile teams in a remote and mixed setting.
Teamleadsky Framework

  • Aleksandr Zuravliov
    Product Manager & Teamwork Enthusiast
    The author of Teamleadsky Framework is an experienced Product Manager working in Data Science and a convinced practitioner and evangelist of systemic approach to team development.

    This article describes Teamleadsky Framework in detail.
Certified Scrum Professional
Systemic Team Coaching Certificate