Agile Coaching and tools for remote Teams

  • Data-driven approach and software for developing Agile teams remotely.
  • Complementary to any management framework or methodology.
  • Remote and mixed team coaching made consistent, transparent and measurable.

Agile Coaching services for distributed IT teams.
Software for running Agile Retrospectives in a remote and mixed setting.

Read the blog on the foundations and best practices of Teamleadsky Framework.
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Get a fresh perspective and challenge your views on developing teams in tech.
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Learn a data-driven approach to coaching Agile teams in remote and mixed setting.
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Teamleadsky Framework provides teams with the structure for analysis of their teamwork and constructive discussion, the evolving goals that enable continuous improvement and the yardstick for measuring changes.

To see how you can benefit from applying Teamleadsky Framework, read the blog articles, review the takeaways of the training or request a demo and trial.